About Us



NEO United is a “travel-level” soccer club.
Our 9 year-old through high school age teams are travel-level. Our age and gender specific travel teams play in the Greater Akron Amateur Soccer Association’s (GAASA) outdoor soccer league with 22 other clubs.  Travel for GAASA games are limited to the greater Akron area and generally all within 45 minutes of Hudson.  In GAASA, most age divisions have at least 4 levels of competition.  Playing in a large league, like GAASA, allows clubs to appropriately place their teams in divisions that closely match each team’s level of play.  Strong league play will earn a team a seat in the GAASA playoff tournament held at the end of each Fall/Spring season. Players age 3 to 8 play in our in-house recreational league.  All their practices and games are played at NC Soccer.
Players need to be committed to their teams. Player practice and foot skill attendance can impact play time or starts. Many of our teams participate in soccer tournaments either at NC Soccer or in the Ohio area. Tournament participation is dependant on coach and player availability and could incur additional fees.


A key part of children’s soccer development is their coach.  We take pride in the quality of our coaching staff. All coaches on our staff have diplomas from the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) or the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). A strong program starts with strong coaches and we have strong, professional coaches!


NC Soccer Club is home for NEO United.  Our facility is located in Hudson, Ohio.  The facility encompasses 8 outdoor fields, 3 indoor fields, 2 foot skill rooms, and a Pro Shop. NC Soccer hosts 4 outdoor and 1 indoor tournaments a year. Our teams have access to well-groomed outdoor fields with nets/goals for practices and games.  We also have access to the indoor facility during outdoor season in times of significant inclement weather.  Indoor access allows us to practice during early spring (other clubs cannot due to field closures).

Outdoor soccer participation and fee include 1 to 3 practices (age dependent) a week and 1 game.  There are 8 regular-season league games with potentially up to 2 playoff games. Spring runs Apr-June and Fall runs Aug-Oct


Indoor soccer participation and fee include a 1 hour practice, a 1/2 hour foot skill session and 1 game per week.  There are 7 games per session. Session 1 runs Nov-Dec, Session 2 runs Jan-Feb, and Session 3 runs Feb-Mar.


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